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shed builders near Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, TX

With more than 3,000 animals and 1 million visitors a year, the Fort Worth Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions. This zoo is unlike any other area, providing visitors an authentic experience with its animals rather than cages or bars. It is also home to many rare species that cannot be found anywhere else in the state, and some of them are listed as endangered. The Fort Worth Zoo, located at 1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110, United States, has over 600 acres of land with different habitats for all types of animals worldwide. The zoo features indoor and outdoor exhibits and houses animals such as lions, pandas, elephants, tigers, flamingos, penguins, koalas, gorillas, snakes, and eels. See below for more details on visiting hours and admission prices. In addition, if you would like to visit their website directly, you can do so.

There is not a specific time of year when the zoo closes. It is open year-round except for October when the animals are off exhibit for breeding. The hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily. Specific attractions may close earlier, and special exhibits may close later. Click here for more info

Admission fees to the Fort Worth Zoo vary from $24 for adults and $18 for children ages 2 to 12. Children under two years old are free. On selected days throughout the year, the zoo offers discounted admission.

But before going to Fort Worth Zoo, here are some tips and guidelines:

    • Opt for a digital camera if you want to take pictures since tripods are not allowed inside the zoo. 
    • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you’ll spend a lot of time walking. 
    • If you want to see the animals, try to get there early since most animals are most active in the morning. 
    • It is recommended that you bring sunscreen and water. 
    • Remember that you must respect the animals and their habitats. 
    • Unfortunately, leave your furry friends home since they are not allowed inside the zoo. 
    • If you’re going with your kids, never leave them unattended. Always look for the designated information desk before walking around the zoo to prepare for an emergency.

If you’re visiting Fort Worth with your family, there are plenty of other attractions to visit during your trip. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

    • The Amon Carter Museum of American Art – The museum features an internationally renowned collection of work by American artists, including paintings, photographs, and sculptures. They also host a variety of special exhibitions every year.
    • The Fort Worth Botanic Garden – Located in the Cultural District, the gardens are home to various rare and exotic plants. There are also several indoor and outdoor gardens, a conservatory, and a children’s garden.
    • The Fort Worth Stockyards – The Stockyards are home to several restaurants, shops, and attractions and are part of the National Historic District. You can visit the Top 10 museums, ride the rails on a cattle drive, take a tour of the Pennsy Steam Engine or ride a mechanical bull at the Stockyards Championship Rodeo.
    • The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth – The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is one of the most significant collections of post-1940s art in the U.S.
    •  The Kimbell Art Museum – The Kimbell Art Museum is famous for its unique architectural structure. Louis I. Kahn designed it.

Whether you are a resident of Fort Worth or planning a visit, the Fort Worth Zoo is a great place to spend the day. It is an educational and family-friendly environment and allows you to see animals from all over the world up close. Visit the zoo during any time of year to see different exhibits and special events. Next article here

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