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Not All Sheds Are Created Equal

Why pay for features that should be standard?

Caulked & Painted

Of course we make sure your LP Smart Siding keeps it's 50yr warranty by caulking every nail and seam before we paint with 15yr Sherwin Williams paint. This way your shed will look clean and be weatherproof for many years.

A portable building with lp smart siding being caulked and painted
The very peak of a portable shed that has a gable vent

Ventilation Standard

Standard with every shed are gable vents to add more ventilation even if the shed doesn't have windows. On Gable and Lofted Barn styles we also include roof ridge vents to the sheds to increase airflow even more.  

Radiant Barrier OSB

Also standard with all sheds with wood siding is the radiant barrier OSB. It is a aluminum film under the OSB that helps reflect the heat of the hot summer sun to keep the temperature inside your shed a lot cooler.

Interior shot of a portable shed showing the radiant barrier and interior lumber
Gray 16x16 cottage gable shed. Portable building built by Eagle Ridge Barn Builder.

Porch Options

If you want to add a porch to your shed we have several different options that will add character and also protect the entrance from rain water. Priced by square footage the porch options are customizable in size and placement to match your needs.

Custom Doors & Windows

For your new shed you will be able to choose what doors, how many of them, and where to place them. Each option has it's own price so you can find the perfect combination for your budget and use. You won't have to adjust to the shed...but adjust the shed to you!

Interior of a 10x20 gable utility storage shed portable building from Eagle Ridge Barn Builders

And Much More....

We want your shed to be the best quality shed for the best price.

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  • Two portable building looked from above to show the roofing type they have

    Metal roof is a included choice. And it is a 40 year, 29 gauge metal sheet that comes in a lot of colors you can choose.

  • The frame of the floor of a portable building from Eagle Ridge Barn Builders

    All our sheds except the metal value shed have 2x6 treated floor joists and 3/4 plywood flooring(toughest around)

  • Two portable buildings that have a gable style roof with a 5/12 roof pitch

    5/12 Roof pitch is the standard, giving your shed a better look and also a more resistant roof.

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"We couldn't be any happier with our new shed! These guys are fast and pay very close attention to detail! I would highly recommend it!

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Lesly Henson

"Love our shed! Anthony and Caleb were very professional guys . the shed was built very well, and they knocked it out. Great job, guys, and thank you!

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Casey Baker

I am so glad I used Dallas Kopf and the team at Eagle Ridge Barn Builders to purchase my cabin! Excellent customer service, and everyone went out of their way to accommodate all my needs. Actually far above and beyond!!

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Cindy Almond

We just had our building delivered yesterday, so far the process has been very smooth. The building is very solid and beautiful and we cannot wait to start designing the inside.

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Miranda Flanagan

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