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Eagle Ridge Barn Builders

9775 State Highway 171 ItascaTexas 76055 

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Eagle Ridge Barn Builders is a family owned and operated business with years of experience building sheds.

Our goal is to help you find the storage solution that best meets your needs, at the best price!

We deliver all of our sheds for free within 100 miles of our location! This allows you to choose the time-frame you need and delivery method that you prefer.


where to buy Pregabalin in canada Tired of paying a monthly fee for a storage unit that you will never own?

Call today and ask about our Rent To Own plan!

We offer terms ranging from 24 – 60 months.

 90 days same as cash option available!  



Utility Shed

From $2,950.00


Front Entry Lofted Barn

From $3,750.00

Eagle Ridge Barn Builders, Your No. 1 Barn and Shed builder in Texas

Are you thinking of building a backyard barn? It’s an excellent idea! It might seem like an extravagant luxury for some people, but in reality, owning a storage barn has many advantages that can make your life much easier and more enjoyable.

From the security of having another place to store your valuables in case of emergencies or natural disasters and being able to entertain guests without having to disrupt the privacy of your home, there are so many reasons why you should put building an outdoor shed on top of the list of your priorities!

But backyard shed construction is complex and requires a lot of preparation and skill. At least that’s what many people think. The truth is that having an outdoor barn is not as difficult as it may seem. Now, you can have it in your way, in your time, at your budget range!

We at Eagle Ridge Barn Builders have the experience of building Texas barns for many years. We’ve explored every style and technique as a barn builder. And we experienced almost every problem a barn and shed builder must face to attain the quality any custom barn owner can be proud of!

So if you want added value and space to your home, do not overthink! We can build you the best outdoor sheds with shed designs that will perfectly suit your needs! Contact us or call now at (682) 231-2701.

The Pride of our Outdoor Storage Buildings: Aesthetics plus Durability

For hundreds of years, storage barns have been part of history and many homes in the United States and other surrounding countries. Farm barns have proven importance, especially among farmers of the old times. Many years have passed, and still, the necessity of backyard barns is indispensable.

Indeed, barns could be a source of sweet and challenging childhood memories, but it also offers more function as great additions to your modern home. It can be an excellent place to store your things or a place for entertaining guests, business meetings, and even parties! In addition, it can provide protection from harsh weather conditions or alternate living space. There is no limit to what benefit it can give, so why not have one built?

But would it be possible to build a barn that has the beauty and strength to last over time? Yes! We are happy to say that our company can give you more than function and tradition. Aesthetics and durability were key factors in the design of our outdoor storage buildings and tiny houses. Only the best materials are used in making our sheds and barns while ensuring that it also has exemplary architecture at the same time.

Garden sheds, barn garage, utility sheds, craftsman sheds, horse shed, barn house—it has endless names, forms, and styles, but it all boils down to one conclusion—we all need one! So the next time you walk around your house and start to feel like something is missing, you know what’s it that may be bothering you, and you know where to look for it.

In terms of best sheds and exemplary barn houses, name it, and we’ll do it for you! Call (682) 231-2701 for more details.

A Master Shed Builder Piece⸺Terrific Shed Designs Built by Barn Pros

If something important is built for you, you want it done in the best possible way. We know that because we are good at it!

Eagle Ridge Barn Builders is a premier provider of barn building and shed installation services. We offer the best value for your money, and our company has many years of experience in this field. We can build any barn size that you need with quality materials and certified expert craftsmanship.

We are a family-owned company that specializes in the construction and design of Texas barns. Many hours have been allotted to work and improvement of our products. Continuously, we are exploring every new material that comes out of the market to maintain Eagle Ridge Barn Builders’ superiority in quality, design, and beauty.

On top of that, we are proud of our experienced staff, who will walk you through the building, design, and installation of your dream custom barn. Our professional staff is trained to accomplish significant projects and exemplary work ethics only a few companies can brag about.

We can be relied upon for the best customer experience and one-of-a-kind shed and barn projects. So let us turn your backyard shed ideas into a reality! We are your top shed builders in Texas, always here to build!


We offer Rent To Own with no credit check!

Get started today! Call us at (682) 231-2701 to discuss your dream shed.

Custom Build Your Shed in 3D

Want to see what your shed will look like before it’s built?

No problem! Our state-of-the-art 3D design tool allows you to completely customize your shed. Choose your style, colors, doors and windows – without high pressure salespeople.


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The Utility Shed is a great, all purpose storage building. With 8′ walls standard in every shed, have more space to store your lawn tools or create your own workshop! OVERSIZED 80″ tall double entry doors are also included standard.


The Front Entry Lofted Barn is a very popular building, due to it’s unique roof design that allows for a 4 ft wrap around loft. This allows for over 50% more storage space! All Eagle Ridge Barns come standard with 8 ft walls and  OVERSIZED 80″ tall double entry doors.  (Shown with optional loft window)


The Utility Shed is a great, all purpose storage building. With 8′ walls standard in every shed, have more space to store your lawn tools or create your own workshop! OVERSIZED 80″ tall double entry doors are also included standard.


The Tiny House Trend: Whys and Hows of building Custom Sheds and Barn Houses

The idea of living in a tiny house has been on the rise for the past few years and it is no surprise that many people want to live more simply, and the trend towards minimalism seems to be taking over.

Tiny homes were primarily created for those who wanted to get away from city life and live off the grid. In recent years, however, more and more people have been interested in lessening their environmental footprint by moving into smaller barn houses near urban areas where they work and choose to live.

The newest wave of small living spaces isn’t just about saving money on housing costs either. Many people have taken up tiny house living and are finding out how rewarding it can be. Tiny houses are cheaper than renting or buying a traditional home, so they are more sustainable and give people the opportunity to get back to the very basics of life.

Whether it’s a desire for simplicity or just picking up a new lifestyle, having a tiny house is always a good thing. It offers benefits far more than we can imagine. If you want something different and fun, living in a tiny home is a cool thing to consider.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect tiny house builder, we are happy to answer any questions and help you along the way. We specialize in tiny houses for sale that are built to the highest standards and made with the best material for outdoor sheds. Our team will work with you in every step of shed installation to ensure that your order is constructed just the way you want it. We are not your typical pole barn builders! When it comes to building your own tiny home designs, we got your back!

Withstanding nature and time: Weatherproof Sheds and Texas Barns

Texas has one of the most diverse climates in the United States. The harsh heat and rainfall and the tornados in some parts of the state can threaten to destroy any structure that is not correctly designed and built.

Barns and sheds are no exception. They are being put to the test by the changing climate and extreme weather events that are more frequent than ever before. Barns need to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall without significant damage while still providing shelter from the heat and cold. The challenge is how we can create shed designs in an environmentally conscious way?

The challenge of the climate in shed building is not an issue for barn contractors with the right expertise. However, it can be better and more cost-effective if you work with professionals who know how to design and get the best outdoor sheds installed in this environment.

Our company has been building custom barns. We specialize in making sheds that can stand in any weather condition. We make these custom sheds with high-quality materials chosen with challenging Texas’ climate in mind. Because of this, our weatherproof sheds and barns can prove to stand each challenging season for many years to come.

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Storage Buildings or a Tiny Home: Why Rent a Barn when you can Own?

Having an outside storage shed and extra working space or living area is such a great relief. However, it is also expensive, forcing some of us to settle into paying rentals instead of building our own.

Renting a storage barn or shed can be challenging, and we understand that some of us must carry the burden for a very long time because there might be no other choice. But what if you can own one just by adding a little extra to the burdensome monthly rental that you are currently paying?

Our company offers fantastic rent-to-own deals!

If you want your own custom car garages, tiny house, livestock barn, value shed or a classic barn design, anything, we got it for you!

We offer a range of financing options for our barn and shed installation services, from 24 months to 60 months plan. Or you can pay for the shed price in more manageable installments with our 90-days, same as cash option!

Make your burden easy! With your best Texas barn builders, make your shed, barn and tiny house dream come true. Contact us now and start your rent-to-own plan!

Eagle Ridge Barn Builders

9775 State Highway 171 ItascaTexas 76055 

(682) 231-2701


What size of shed do I need?

An 8′ x 12′ is an excellent size for small to medium home tools. If smaller items need organizing, rather than being stored outside, a standard size shed can accommodate such needs with ease. Tool storage sheds are also great for infrequently used gardening equipment. Remember that our company offers custom shed designs that can be adjusted to fit your needs perfectly. Call us now! 682-231-2701.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a shed?

A newly constructed small backyard shed will take considerably more time and effort than simply purchasing, so it will be cheaper to buy an already built exterior storage shed in all likelihood. Building backyard storage sheds can also result in costly errors if the wrong instructions are followed for shed installation. There’s no need for this when there are so many pre-made options on the market that cost less while offering plenty of space. So which is easier, to build or to buy? Well, the answer depends on the custom barn builder that you are going to hire. Call us now at 682-231-2701 for better barn options!

How much does it cost to build a shed?

You can have your very own storage shed or barns for many other purposes for just a little more than 2000 dollars! You can trust our company to build you a storage building for a low price without sacrificing the quality and looks. Visit our site for a walkthrough of our amazing shed designs and shed prices. Or call us now and ask for a quote!

How much do tiny homes cost?

Tiny homes vary greatly in how much they cost but to give you an overall idea, our front entry lofted barn costs starting at 3,750 dollars and can be customized depending on the upgrades you will ask for. You can also ask for a custom size, additional windows, and a different door design, anything that you want!

Do you need a building permit for a shed?

In most cases, only small storage buildings are allowed without obtaining building permits as long as they do not challenge local zoning restrictions such as the size of lot limitations; this includes 6×8 foot and 8×10 foot sizes that fall within those guidelines which many communities will permit on backyards with little issue when compared to large shed sizes being installed at all angles due to lack of available space. The last thing you want is to be told your shed or barn can’t go in the backyard or that they need a permit when everything’s just ready to go, so check with your local zoning regulations before buying one. You can contact your best shed builder in town, they surely know better. Call us now! 682-231-2701.

Where can I buy a shed for a low price?

There are a few different ways to find a barn or shed for sale in your price range, depending on what you want it for. If you think about how you plan to use the shed – for example, a workshop shed or a horse barn- there aren’t any specific requirements. For affordable shed and high-quality Texas custom barns, Eagle Ridge Barns are your best bet!

Does a barn add value to property?

A storage barn can be a valuable asset to any household, especially if it’s in good condition. It typically serves as excellent tools for storing equipment or other items which may come in handy on the job and around the house. Your tool shed may seem like a simple addition- but it has many practical uses. If it is well built, you can pass it on for generations to come, increasing the value of your home in case you are planning to sell your property.

Are metal sheds better than wood?

There is no universally good choice when deciding on what type of material is best for your shed. While wood sheds are a lot more environmentally friendly than metal sheds, both types of sheds can be high maintenance, depending on your climate. Metal sheds need to have a periodical zinc coating reapplication, and wood needs to have the paint redone to stay functional. Sheds don’t come cheap, so it’s well worth being informed before making a decision! Contact us for more questions and answers!

The Making of Storage Sheds and Custom Barns: From Scratch to your Backyard

Our top-quality wooden sheds are created with great precision and care, from choosing the suitable materials to delicately assembling, delivering, and installing our products. The whole process is done under exquisite supervision and standard. And it does not stop us from providing a fast and smooth service!

We can build an on-site barn and shed projects or deliver them right to your place. And for free if you are within our 100-mile free-delivery range! At Eagle Ridge Barn Builders, we want to make your next barn or shed project possible and perfectly done! So call us at 682-231-2701 today.

Eagle Ridge Barn Builders

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Itasca, Texas 76055, United States

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