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October 10, 2023

Shed Customization 101: How to Design a Shed Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to adding a shed to your property, one size certainly doesn't fit all. Your shed should be as unique as your needs and preferences. This is where customization comes into play. Welcome to Shed Customization 101, your guide to designing a shed that's perfectly tailored to your requirements.

1. Style Matters: Choose the Right Look

The first step in crafting your ideal shed is selecting the style that suits your tastes and complements your property. Here are the option we offer:

  • Lofted Barns: Classic and charming, they offer ample headroom for storage and easy customization.
  • Gable Sheds: A timeless design that fits well in any setting, providing plenty of space for your belongings.
  • Cabin Shells: Designed for a living space, customizable and DIY interior finish. With extra pitch and lumber to make it more like a house.
  • Single Slopes: Modern and sleek look, perfect for a studio or she-shed as well as a storage.
  • Value Sheds: If you want economical storage without sacrificing quality and don’t need tall sidewalls this is the style for you.
  • Metal Value Shed: The most economical style for storage, great for lawn mower and tools but not as airtight as the wood siding sheds.
  • Green House: Very straight forward…the green house style is a green house for your plants.
  • Animal Shelter: Like the name says it…these are for giving a shelter to your animals so they can stay warm and dry in winter and have shed in summer.

2. Sizing It Up: Get the Right Dimensions

Now, consider the size of your shed. How much space do you need for storage, hobbies, or work? Measure the area where your shed will go, and think about what you plan to store or do inside. Popular sizes include 8x10, 10x12, 12x16, 12x24, and 16x40, but you can choose out of many other sizes.

3. Choosing the Right Siding: Looks and Durability

Your shed's siding plays a vital role in aesthetics and durability. Here are a few common options:

  • LP Smart Siding: Durable and visually appealing, with vertical lines and a wood texture, it resists decay and termites.
  • LP Lap Siding: Same material but individual horizontal pieces, require more labor and layer of OSB behind it.
  • LP Board & Batten: Again, same wood material that resists decay and termites, has a vertical line look but pronounced and more spaced than the Smart Siding.

4. Roofing Types: Sheltering in Style

Selecting the right roof type is crucial. Common options include:

  • Metal Roofing: Durable and low-maintenance, it's great for withstanding the elements. A lot of colors available
  • Shingles: Aesthetic and versatile, shingles usually will match your house.

5. Color Choices: Personalize Your Palette

Let your creativity shine by choosing shed colors that reflect your style and blend with your surroundings. Whether you prefer earthy tones, bold colors, or something in between, it's your chance to make your shed uniquely yours. We have a color chart where you can choose from, custom colors are an upgrade.

6. Doors and Windows: Entryways to Your Vision

Consider the type and placement of doors and windows. Would you like a single or double door? What about windows for natural light and ventilation? These elements not only enhance aesthetics but also functionality. We have a lot of options and you can choose how many and where you want them.

7. Interior Features: Maximizing Space

Inside your shed, the possibilities are endless. Add shelves to keep things organized, workbenches for projects, or lofts for overhead storage. Electrical, wall framing, spray foam insulation or house wrap…Customize the interior to suit your specific needs.

8. Ramps and More: Accessibility

If you plan to store heavy equipment or frequently move items in and out, ramps are a smart addition. Choose the type that suits your needs, ensuring easy accessibility. Also a couple steps, extra blocking or anything else you need…make sure you mention everything you want to see if that is something we can do for you right away so you don’t have extra work to do later.

9. Customization Is Key

Remember, the key to shed customization is making it uniquely yours. Explore options, mix and match features, and don't hesitate to ask for expert advice. With customization, your shed becomes more than just storage; it becomes an extension of your lifestyle and a reflection of your personality.

Now that you've completed Shed Customization 101, it's time to turn your vision into reality. Work with professionals who understand your needs and can bring your customized shed to life. Your tailored shed will not only meet your practical needs but also become a standout feature of your property.

If you want to design your own shed on our website you can visit this link to our 3D Builder.