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August 15, 2023

Navigating Your Path to a New Portable Building: Top 10 Questions Answered

Embarking on the journey to acquire a new portable building can be both exciting and challenging. As you dive into the world of sheds, cabins, and versatile structures, countless questions naturally arise. To ease your exploration, we've compiled an in-depth guide answering the top 10 questions that often arise when venturing into this territory. Let's navigate through these essential queries step by step.

1. Foundation Matters: What's Required?

Worry not about a complex foundation. Our process is designed to simplify your experience. While we provide leveling blocks to ensure stability and a level base, you also have the option to create a level gravel pad or even a solid concrete slab. Keep in mind that your Homeowners Association (HOA) or local city might have specific requirements, so it's wise to consult them before making a decision if you have a HOA in your area.

2. Navigating Permits: Do You Need One?

The path to permits can be a bit confusing and time consuming, especially if you're within an HOA or city limits. Larger sheds often necessitate permits. The responsibility of obtaining these permits lies with you, but don’t worry, we're here to assist you with all the information you need, ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible and in most places it is simple and easy to get.

3. To Deliver or Construct Onsite: What's Best?

Picture this: a fully built shed being maneuvered onto your property. Sounds appealing, right? To make this happen, we require an extra two feet of clearance beyond the building's width. Even though we have ingenious methods involving dolly wheels and strategic placement you got to make sure there is enough space because we don’t want to show up and not be able to get your building in. However, if space is a constraint, rest assured, our skilled team can expertly construct the building onsite but notice that it will cost a little bit more.

4. How does Rent to Own Work?

Rent-to-own is a popular way of doing payments on your shed and owning it at the end. It’s like renting a storage space right in your backyard but at the end it will be yours. With us, there are no credit checks or early payout penalties. However, there's a catch: your chosen building must be deliverable fully built. Keep in mind, there are limitations on interior options since it is supposed to be a “storage building”.

5. What size of building is perfect for me?

Size does matters when it comes to your new portable building. The golden rule: assess what you intend to use it for and the space you require. Common sizes like 8x10, 10x12, 12x16, 12x24, and 16x40 fit various needs, but customization is our specialty. Our commitment is to align the building's dimensions perfectly with your requirements. And have in mind that you will most likely have more things to store in 10 years from now, a lot of customers wish they would have gone a little larger even if it meant spending a little more money at the beginning. 

6. Do You Service My Area?

Our services reach far and wide across Texas, extending a friendly hand into parts of Oklahoma and Louisiana. The logistics might vary based on distance, and yes, some delivery fees might apply. For accurate information tailored to your location, your  sales representative is your go-to guide.

7. What Style Of Building Should I Go With?

When choosing a shed design, it's important to consider factors such as the purpose of the shed, its size, style, materials, features, climate, and budget. The purpose of the shed will determine its size and features, while the style should complement your home's design. Materials such as wood, metal, and vinyl have different advantages and disadvantages, and the shed should be designed to withstand the climate in your area. Finally, it's important to choose a shed design that fits within your budget.

8. How Do I Maintain My Shed Overtime To Ensure It Lasts?

To maintain your shed over time, it's important to clean it regularly, check for damage, paint or stain it, trim nearby foliage, ensure proper ventilation, control pests, and maintain the roof. By doing these things, you can extend the lifespan of your shed and keep it looking and functioning well. Have in mind that we have a warranty on all our buildings so contact us if you have any problems on your warranty period and we will fix them.

9. How Do I Finance My New Building?

Especially during these times a lot of people want to finance their building. We offer multiple options, including our own financing services. However, if you're inclined, you can explore personal loans through your own bank. Rest assured, we're here to provide all the necessary information from our end. And if you prefer not to engage with credit or if your chosen building is deliverable fully built, the rent-to-own option might be your avenue to ownership.

10. How Much Room Do I Need For The New Building?

Visualize a canvas, your backyard, ready to be adorned with a shed. If building onsite is your path, you need approximately 2ft of space around the shed to be able to work around it. On the flip side, if you're opting for a fully delivered shed, the opening should have an extra 2ft of space to allow for a seamless installation process.


Arming yourself with knowledge is key when embarking on the exciting journey of acquiring a new portable building. This comprehensive guide has illuminated the path ahead, offering insights into foundation choices, permits, delivery options, rent-to-own possibilities, shed dimensions, delivery reach, design considerations, maintenance rituals, financing avenues, and space prerequisites.

Remember, each portable building journey is unique, tailored to your preferences, needs, and aspirations. So, as you sip your coffee and reflect on this guide, envision the perfect portable building that will soon grace your property. And we are to assist if you ever have any further questions or concerns regarding anything to do with your next portable building.