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A New Popular Roofline: Single Slope Roof Sheds in TX

We are excited to share our latest shed design with you! This new single-slope option, a one-slope shed or a Vista style shed, is just as unique as stylish.

The single slope shed is a complement to other buildings or existing structures. Because the shed has a single pitch, water and snow can only flow in one direction. Therefore, these sheds can be used for any storage. The single-pitched roof shed can be designed in several ways and vary depending on what will suit your needs.

A single slope roof storage shed is a great option to give your shed a sleek, modern look.

Upgrade options are available to allow you to design your single sloped roof building according to your requirements. There are many options for a window and double door. We’ll custom order any option that you don’t see.

For a custom quote, use our 3D Shed Builder. In addition, we are available to answer any questions at (254) 232-5838.

Single Slopes Specifications

  • 4×6 Treated Skids
  • 2×6 Treated Floor Joists 16″ On Center
  • 3/4″ Plywood Flooring
  • 2×4 #1 Wall Studs 16″ On Center
  • Tall Wall 10′
  • Short Wall 8′
  • 3/8″ LP Smart Siding Paneling
  • 2×4 Trusses 16″ On Center
  • (Any building over 14′ wide will have 2×6 Trusses)
  • OSB Roof Decking
  • Synthetic Felt Paper
  • 40-Year Metal Roof / 30-Year Architectural Shingles
  • 15-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty available (Ask for details)
  • Concrete blocks every 8′
  • Metal Drip-edge
  • All nails and seems are caulked before painting
  • Sherwin Williams Paint
  • Wall and Ridge Vents included
  • Free Delivery within 100 miles of the shop
Single Slope Roof Sheds Texas
Single Slope 12

Clients say

timothy bapp
timothy bapp
Professional they got the best of the best came in built my shed in about 6 hours start to finish great quality very affordable price. My neck shed is going to be built by them also
Mike Melton
Mike Melton
Three of my neighbors have had their sheds built by Eagle Ridge Barn Builders. All of the sheds look very impressive and one neighbor said that his customer experience was amazing. Once our pad was prepared, I designed my shed online and ordered it. It was built on their site, which saved a lot of time. On the day of the delivery, the employee took special pains to align the ramp in the exact way I needed it to be. There was a mistake with the paint on the trim, as it has been painted black instead of gray like I requested. However, the company had a painter respond in less than two hours and corrected the problem. In just a few days, I have received many compliments from my neighbors about my shed. The quality of the shed and my overall experience is excellent. I am very happy with it and will definitely recommend this company to anyone.
Sbc Mohini
Sbc Mohini
So, due to my own error, the barn would not fit exactly the way I wanted it but the guys were very patient while we figured out what to do. Then as they were about 75% finished, I noticed something was missing. probably a miscommunication. But our salesman, Kyle was extremely responsive and extremely patient putting up with me. The barn is awesome and I would totally recommend these guys. Ask for Kyle if you need a salesman. He did a great job and as I said was courteous and patient the whole time, not an easy task when you have a customer like me.
Albert Collins
Albert Collins
The craftsmanship, materials and delivery of tiny homes were all excellent.
Maria Hewitt
Maria Hewitt
Our barn builders and it's team follow through on their promises. They priced it and built it to our specifications.
Meghan N Bell
Meghan N Bell
We haven't gotten our cabin yet- we're wanting to build in November but we just put the down payment down. However, I wanted to leave an initial review about the customer service. We worked with Dallas and he's been absolutely wonderful! He's been so patient and helpful with all of my many questions. I'm so impressed by this company just from my interaction with him- he has gone above and beyond. We can't wait to get our cabin! I will update this review when we do, but so far 10 stars thanks to Dallas!
Brian Savoie
Brian Savoie
Amazing folks that put in a lot of effort to create beautiful tiny homes and turn them into houses.
Natasha Booth
Natasha Booth
It's a delight to work with Eagle Ridge Barn Builders! They were really communicative from the start and met all of our requirements. The materials they utilized for cabin shells are superior to those used by competitors and will last significantly longer.

Single Slope Roof Sheds: Economical and Beautiful

A single slope roof shed can be placed outside your house, garage, or robust and well-anchored fence near the walls. This pitched roof shed is an excellent addition to any landscape, even with limited space.
This wood model is used for outdoor equipment, garden equipment, skis, and snowboard storage. The single slope roof shed can also be customized to a larger dimension, just like all our sheds.
There are many options for upgrading. Upgrades ensure longevity and protection against wear and tear from excessive use.

For additional information, feel free to contact us today, and our experts at barn builder austin tx will be delighted to provide what you need.

Aesthetically Pleasing Storage Shed That Fits Your Needs

Single slope roofing is most common in modern architecture build by our shed builder dallas texas especially for homes. However, single slope roofing is more common when you look at plans for sheds and sheds built. There are many terms for single slope roofs: pent roofs, shed roofs, lean-to roofs, and slant roofs. These roofs are often used in sheds and modern homes.

Single-slope roofs are more suitable for smaller sheds. This type of roof is easier to construct and requires less expertise and materials than other types of shed roofing.

Single-pitch roof sheds are preferred for maximizing shed storage space and the ease of construction. They are ideal for those who have limited space but need more storage space.

Single-slope roofs are popular in sheds of any design and style because they are easy to construct and affordable. These units are easy to set up and require little time or energy. This makes them very popular with those who need a quick solution to storage problems.

Simple Single Slope Roof Design in Texas

Mono-pitch garages can avoid drainage issues that can occur with other roof types. This allows water to drain off the roof. This means that the design of the garage requires less skill.

This one-slope shed is perfect for any project, whether you are designing a stylish guest room, office, or art studio.

A shed roof is also called a lean-to roofing. It slopes in one direction. The slope of a building’s design can affect how steep it is. It was initially used only for sheds but has been increasingly popular in houses. It is easy to use and affordable. However, this roof can become very hot or cold depending on the season.

Single slope roof, single slope, side panels, central ridge, doors

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Are you looking for single slope roof storage that is tough, appealing, and long-lasting? Eagle Ridge Barn Builders is a shed builder texas company that specializes in handcrafted storage sheds. We only use high-quality materials and skilled artisans to construct our single slope roof sheds. These sheds are ideal for storing lawn furniture, garden tools, pool supplies, bicycles, sports equipment, and other items.

The single slope roof shed is a contemporary building design that adds style to any backyard while also providing an open interior space that can be used for various purposes. These sheds are popular among creatives and business owners who want to build a space that can be used as a craft shed, backyard office, hobby space, workshop, or other purposes. This shed can also be used for general storage.

If your looking for single slope roof shed in these areas, check out our additional locations below:


A single-pitched roof shed provides additional storage. This roof is typically built on a higher wall. A single slope roof can be considered a half-pitch roof or a flat angle roof, depending on the design of your roof.

Single slope roofs have one flat surface that slopes towards one side. Mono-pitch roofs can also be called single slopes. The roofline can be as long as 12m.
Gable roofs can be found on sheds or houses. Gable roofs are when two sides that slope downward meet at a ridge. This creates a triangle extension at the top.
One common misconception is that a single slope shed roof costs more than a Gable roof. Although this might be true for some buildings, Gable roofs tend to have a lower cost than larger spans. When shopping for pricing, keep this in mind.

Single slope roofs can avoid drainage issues familiar with other types of roofs. This allows water to flow to one side, allowing better rainwater tank capture. This roof design is excellent for adding solar panels. It provides more space for solar panels and allows them to face the best direction for solar power harvesting.
Single-slope roof sheds are considered to have a modern look and stand out from the typical shed design.

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